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Unterer Inn European Nature Reserve

Where do migrating birds meet before they travel south? Is there a type of “train station” where they all meet before they begin migrating? The answer is: Yes, there is, and one of the places is in the Passau Land region: the European Nature Reserve Unterer Inn.

Lachmöwenkolonie auf Inninsel. Fotograf: Dr. Brunninger

Lachmöwenkolonie auf Inninsel.
Fotograf: Dr. Brunninger

Tens of thousands of birds from many different countries come together here before migrating to the warmth of the South in autumn or return from there in the spring.

Hence, the European nature reserve is one of the most important hubs in the network of aquatic bird habitats. It stretches from Altötting in the rural district of Rottal-Inn to the mouth of the river in the Danube in Passau and exhibits an immense variety of plants and animals.
In this way, this extensive nature reserve has 300 types of birds and about 800 types of butterflies. In addition, one of the largest seagull colonies of the interior land live here; they are estimated to number over 50,000 animals! Dragonflies, amphibians, bats and rare orchids can be found here; even the European otter has begun settling here again.

Auwald ist Urwald. Fotograf: Dr. Brunninger

Auwald ist Urwald.
Fotograf: Dr. Brunninger

Visitors can be shown biodiversity by both nature and nature guides. Tip: Each Sunday at 10 am, there is a guided hike through the European nature reserve that takes place. The meeting point is the information centre in Ering.

The central focal point for visitors is the Bavarian Upper Austria information centre in Ering, Innwerkstraße 15, 94140 Ering, telephone: 0049-8573-1360, e-mail: umwelstation@t-online.de, www.europareservat.de.


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