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Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Holiday in one of the most beautiful riverscapes and hill landscapes in Bavaria

The adventure region “Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel”, in which nature, tradition and culture are harmoniously combined, has a little something for each and every visitor.

Logo Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Logo Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Both of those interested in culture and those that have sporty ambitions get their money’s worth of active adventure and calm enjoyment of nature on and along the unspoilt Danube. Here, the flow of the current is full of variety: It is paradise for those who are active such as rowers and fishermen, eye to eye with Germany’s largest river island near Windorf. Those who desire culinary delights can enjoy freshly caught and prepared Danube fish that are typical for the region.

Kirche Aldersbach. Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Kirche Aldersbach.
Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

In the exciting regions rich in history, the impressive settings of the Bavarian Forest, the fertile Gäuboden region and the pasture landscape of the Donauengtal are constantly changing at high speed. Numerous churches and monasteries bear testimony to the masterful handworks of renowned artists such as Johann Michael Fischer or the Asam brothers. The Asam church in Aldersbach and Altenmarkt as well as the pilgrimage church in Sammarei or Grongörgen are more than worth a visit. Or, come to Ortenburg, the Protestant enclave in the middle of Catholic Bavaria that is celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in 2013 with numerous events. Here, one of the most beautiful renaissance wooden ceilings in the castle of Ortenburg is also worth experiencing.


The Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel invites you to an abundance of sites to be marvelled. In addition, the range of events and recreational activities available is quite extensive.

Donau in Flammen Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Donau in Flammen
Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Those who are physically active will find a numerous branching and winding paths and hiking trails that are well marked and run through the picturesque landscape of the Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel. In addition to the Danube Cycle Path that is known nationwide, the Isar Cycle Path (“Isarradweg”) and the Vistal Cycle Path (“Vistalradweg”), as well as the new Wolfach Cycle Path (“Wolfachradweg”) offer a great set of tours for the entire family. Whether on foot, on a bicycle, on in-line skates, or on a boat – enjoy the uniqueness of our region and the relaxing nature on the Danube to the fullest extent.

Kunst an der Donau. Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Kunst an der Donau.
Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Explore the treasures of our past, conquer one of our castle ruins or experience the variety of the tourist sites that the thirteen places making up this adventurous region have in store for you. Our restaurants provide you with the energy you need, partly with their rustic beer gardens but at all times with their traditional dishes. Rest and relaxation can be found in the monasteries with their spiritual gardens or on the European pilgrimage “VIA NOVA” that takes you through the entire region in the Bavarian Forest to the Czech Republic, or all the way to Austria.
Our museums provide interesting insight into the handicrafts and life of the days of old, such as the brick and lime museum in Winzer, the archaeological Museum Quintana in Künzing, the sub-Saharan Africa museum in the Schweiklberg abbey, the primeval museum “Fossils and Minerals from Lower Bavaria” in Forsthart or the agricultural museum in Ottmaring. Are you interested in astrology? Then visit the observatory in Winzer or hike or cycle on the Danube Planet Path that shows the planetary system at a scale of 1:1 billion. The Ortenburg castle wilderness park and the animal and bird park Irgenöd are always worth a visit – a paradise not only for children.

Winzerbankblick. Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Rechte: Tourismusgemeinschaft Bayerisches Donautal & Klosterwinkel

Numerous events in the tourism region welcome you all year long. The promenade festival “Danube in Flames”, numerous city, community and folk festivities, parades, Christmas markets, festivals, open-air and church concerts, cabaret events and open-air cinema, but also art galleries and sculpture parks show that the region is rooted in tradition even though it presents itself as being quite modern and broad-minded.
Above all, we emphasise the word tradition concerning Bavaria’s favourite drink – today, our breweries are still brewing their beer specialities according to the German Purity Law laid down in 1516. The Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel region can look back on over a century of established beer tradition and therefore, we are also incredibly proud that in 2016, the state exhibition “Beer in Bavaria” will be celebrated in Aldersbach.
Experience our attitude towards life, discover and experience the uniqueness and the little something special about our region. Rest and relaxation in the “Toscana” of Lower Bavaria, in which tradition and modernism become harmoniously one – come to the Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel region.

Central information centre for the Bavarian Donautal & Klosterwinkel region:
Stadtplatz 27 · 94474 Vilshofen an der Donau
Telephone number: 08541-208-112 · fax 08541-208-190


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